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Are you looking for a life changing career opportunity? Seeking an employer that will value and recognise your skills and strengths? Promising Potential was established to help individuals and organisations benefit from strengths and values based recruitment. We hope to facilitate life-changing opportunity for high quality candidates and companies through values-aligned and durable employment across Australia.

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Occupational rehabilitation is for those passionate about work, it’s key in rehabilitation, health and well-being. It is an industry where the health benefits of good work (RACP) is central, together with sound clinical reasoning, refined communication skills and engagement of everyone involved. You have the opportunity to be an essential facilitator in aiding a person’s safe and durable return to work in line with their psychological / functional capacity, where they have sustained a psychological or physical injury. It is a skill-developing, challenging and rewarding occupation for those passionate about helping people return to life, society and employment.

Applicants well suited to the occupational rehabilitation industry have refined verbal and written communication, present confidently regardless of potential adverse circumstances, have effective time management and are able to influence others with their clinical knowledge / expertise and passion for the health benefits of good work. If this describes you, please get in touch so we can work alongside you to assist in realising your career aspirations and where relevant, a new opportunity in a new land. Feel free to share this prospect with suitable friends or family through the easy link below.

Candidates must be accredited or eligible for accreditation with the relevant professional bodies for:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Rehabilitation Counselling
  • Nursing

Given the Directors’ backgrounds in Occupational Therapy, they can provide guidance in career pathways that may aid in your decision making and life directions.

If you are working and are wanting to see your performance enhanced through leadership development connect with us at We offer both individual and group sessions, which are tailored accordingly. We are passionate about people, development and empowerment to success.

The team at Promising Potential welcome any conversation / email and have a strong sense of partnership in helping you find an employer where you will resonate with their team, values and purpose allowing for a long-lasting and engaging profession.

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Please feel free to see how these resources can assist you with tailoring an application through your resume or cover letter or simply read about relevant industry articles.

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Promising Candidates

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