Promising Potential

Promising Potential was established to help individuals and organisations benefit from strengths and values based recruitment leading to increased connectedness, engagement, satisfaction and retention for both parties. It hopes to facilitate life-changing opportunity to high quality candidates and companies through values-aligned and durable employment across Australia.

About Promising Potential

Promising Potential is passionate about working alongside individuals and companies to offer business / performance consulting and leadership development, to ensure ones’ full potential can be realised. We believe that through partnership with individuals and organisations, we can maximise the benefit of mutual engagement and learning from all involved.

Promising Potential’s Purpose is:

Providing life-changing opportunities to individuals and organisations.

Promising Potential’s Vision is:

To offer remarkable services through a strengths and values-aligned approach that leads to individuals / organisations reaching their full potential.

Promising Potential’s Core Values are:

  • Passion
  • Remarkability
  • Ontological humility
  • Mutual learning
  • Investment
  • Sublime integrity
  • Authentic Engagement / connectedness

Promising Potential act vigorously to protect privacy of our clients in accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. Our Privacy Policy is available to be viewed on the resources page of this website.

The Team

Both Occupational Therapists and winners of the ARPA Exceptional Leadership Award in consecutive years 2015 and 2016, Tracy and Andrew are passionate about investing in people and recognising individual strengths. They engage with purpose and passion and recognise the importance of connecting value’s aligned people and organisations.

About Promising Potential

Tracy was born and raised in South Africa, living and working there until 2009. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2006 and has worked in the health industry since. Tracy made the move to Australia in 2009 when she had the opportunity of starting a branch for a company in Canberra and growing the branch to 24 employees over a six-year period through strong and values-based leadership.

Tracy’s experience in Australia and South Africa is predominately in occupational rehabilitation, medico-legal and claims assessment. Tracy’s experience in management has taught her about the complexities of recruitment and retention in the allied health industry, as well as, the importance of finding values aligned team members that possess the aptitude, personality and resilience required to excel.

Tracy has gained significant experience in coaching, mentoring and developing team members in a myriad of roles and with varying levels of experience. She is renowned in the occupational rehabilitation industry for her communication skills, work ethic and professional integrity.

Andrew graduated from LaTrobe University in 2011, initially working in the occupational rehabilitation industry. He rapidly progressed from a Consulting role to Team Leader, Principal Manager of a branch and subsequently Regional Manager of multiple offices due to his passion, drive and leadership.

During his time in occupational rehabilitation Andrew gained extensive experience in the recruitment and on-boarding of team members, with interviewing and screening of candidates being a strength. Andrew is passionate about identifying people’s strengths and aligning this with their role to ensure they excel. This focus ensured significant success in recruitment of staff to remote regions as well as exceptional performance and promotions from within his team.

Andrew’s management experience includes customer and account management responsibility as well as direct management of team members. His leadership and direct management resulted in the significant diversification of referral base for an established business, exceeding all other established regions in that organisation.