Promising Employers

Are you looking for high quality candidates for your organisation who are aligned with your company core values and whose strengths will optimise team performance? Are you wanting to see improved attrition rates and engaged team members?

Promising Employers

Promising Potential are hoping to offer you this opportunity through partnership, optimising the performance potential of your organisation. We can assist in all recruitment services including but not limited to the sourcing and screening of applicants, interviewing of candidates, facilitation of employer-led interviews, completing reference checks and securing the applicant.

Promising Potential will ensure proposed applicants’ core values closely associate with the company’s and that a similar ethos is apparent. The applicant’s key strengths will be assessed to facilitate an ideal match with those the company is seeking, recognising that this will be changing dependent on the company’s specific needs at any given time.

Promising Potential source applicants throughout Australia and more broadly internationally. Tracy, a health-professional and migrant, has herself been through the process of moving to work abroad. This allows for key international relationships that will facilitate the sourcing of applicants, while being able to offer the candidates the support and direction needed to help realise the opportunity of a role with your company. Through industry experience, overseas candidates have shown to positively impact on retention rates and have an added sense of loyalty, particularly in the more rural areas where transient team members can impact on office performance.

Are you an approved business sponsor for working visas? Although there have been recent changes to this process, temporary work visas for nominated skilled occupations are still available and can largely be processed within a 6-month period, by the Department of Home Affairs. Further information about visa eligibility, the sponsorship process, costs and skill lists  is available at this link ( If you are newly sponsored, Promising Potential can offer additional guidance and assistance with this process.

Given both Directors at Promising Potential are Occupational Therapists and have relevant experience, where required by Occupational Therapy Council (Australia & New Zealand) Ltd, we can offer stage two supervision for overseas Occupational Therapy recruits if needed.

Promising Potential are not only distinct in being allied health professional recruiters but are able to further support companies in business / performance consulting and leadership development at all levels. This can be facilitated through individual and or group sessions, dependent on the identified needs and guided by one or both Directors at Promising Potential, offering diversity, objectivity and optimal engagement. This will provide the relevant team member/s access (within our professional scope), desired support, coaching or direction on challenges or opportunities they are faced with.


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Promising Employers

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