Promising Leadership

Are you passionate about your team, seeing them individually and as an organisation grow, develop and excel? Are you wanting to enhance your team’s strengths, optimise their engagement and see their full potential realised?

Promising Employers

Passion, Remarkability, Ontological Humility, Mutual learning, Investment, Sublime Integrity and Authentic Engagement / Connectedness are not only Promising Potential’s core values, but also integral to what we are passionate about developing individuals and their organisations in.

Promising Potential partner with individuals and companies to offer business / performance consulting and leadership development, to ensure ones’ full potential can be realised. This can be facilitated through individual and or group sessions, dependent on the identified needs and level. The forum of these sessions is tailored to individuals and organisations and can vary markedly from structured individual sessions, a one-off training session for a team to a team building workshop and can be off or on-site.

Promising Potential believe that through partnership with individuals and organisations, we can maximise the benefit of mutual engagement and learning from all involved. This will provide the relevant team member/s access (within our professional scope), desired support, coaching or direction on challenges or opportunities they are faced with

Both winners of the ARPA Exceptional Leadership Award in consecutive years 2015 and 2016, Tracy and Andrew are passionate about investing in people and recognising individual strengths.

Individual or group business / performance consulting and leadership development can be guided by one or both Directors at Promising Potential, offering diversity, objectivity and optimal engagement. The best fit can be discussed, to maximise the benefit to you, your team and organisation. Give us a call to discuss what your individual / organisational needs are to see how we may be able to partner with you in this.